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Most Expensive Apartment In The World $312 million USDfollow on facebook

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The most expensive apartment in the world is a six bedroom 17,500 square foot Monte Carlo penthouse named, La Belle Epoque located in Monaco. The penthouse apartment comes with a spa and gardens, three opulent bedrooms along with walk-in wardrobes and dressing rooms, also numerous cinema screens that emerge from the walls at the touch of a button, kitchen, dressing room as well as two bathrooms. Along with an unobstructed view of the Monte Carlo marina the house even comes with its very own private library, while featuring vast roof terraces.

The whole luxury apartment is encompassed by 15 feet tall trees and an infinity pool. La Belle Epoque features a billiards room that is the part of this luxury property’s leisure room, which also includes various arcade video games. A state of the art media room that comes with convertible executive chairs that can be converted into beds for extra comfort.

The most expensive apartments security features include a self-sustained pain room. This modern pain room has been embedded with the latest electronics, including surveillance cameras and carries reinforced glass for extra protection.


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