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Most Expensive Speakers In The World $7.4 million USDfollow on facebook

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The most expensive speakers in the world are currently the Organic Harmony speakers from Shape Audio, makers of luxury sound systems, who have created what it claims to be the first line of speakers constructed from solid precious metals. Available in Bronze, Silver or 18k Gold as shown here.

Designed as musical sculptures, the Organic Harmony speakers stand 53 inches tall and reproduce two channels of audio from within a single housing. Omnidirectional stereo loundspeaker system with a 1,000W amplifier and it also comes with an XLR analog microphone with USB & Ethernet functionalities as well.

The creator of Shape Audio, Luciano Pasquariello said: “It just grows organically into the final form - beautiful and perfect. "I have looked at hundreds of shapes in nature for inspiration, and what you see is our humble interpretation of some of them.”

He added: “It had to be a design that is timeless. Speakers last for decades and are not influenced by the technical warfare you see in other electronic equipment.

Each audio channel is served by a 2-inch tweeter and 5-inch midrange firing in opposite directions, and a ported 8-inch woofer fires downward, resulting in a frequency response from 40Hz to 30kHz (±2dB).


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